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Denon PMA-QS10MK2

$2,950.00 $2,950.00

Denon PMA-QS10MK2 for sale


Integrated stereo amplifier 
2x100W/8ohms ; 2x200W/4ohms 
2 sets of speaker terminals 
1 RCA disc input (MM/MC selectable) 
1 XLR balanced high level input 
5 high level RCA inputs 
2 RCA recording outputs + monitoring 
Balance, tone controls, source direct switch 
Weight : 30 kg 
Remote control

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Categories: Amplifiers

A high-end integrated amplifier Denon PMA-S10II. Very rare gear on the European market, made in Japan and introduced for the first time in year 1997. The quality of craftsmanship and used materials / components is just amazing. It reminds me on Accuphase gear. Actually the whole Denon’s S-series is like that, same concerns the TU-S10 tuner and DCD-S10II player

  • everal independent PCBs for each section;
  • twin power transformers in a thick copper enclosure;
  • separate transformer for AC outlets (switched an unswitched ones);
  • every single section of the amp is very well shielded from each other by a thick 1,6mm chassis;
  • lots of copper shielding can be seen on different spots of the amp;
  • 8 power transistors per channel;
  • very efficient heat distribution;
  • dual mono design;
  • the majority of cap are brought by ELNA, the best Silmic series;
  • main caps are Elna Silmic 2 x 12000µF;
  • front panel made out of thick brushed aluminium, colour gold;
  • excellent knobs, it’s a pure pleasure to play with them;
  • even the four black feet are not plastic, but made out from some kind of vibration-absorbing material;
  • quite big, but beautiful gold-coloured screws hold the top cover of the gear;
  • great quality of RCA and XLR terminals, of course gold plated;
  • bi-wiring capable
  • superb speaker terminals, gold-plated, accept high gauge cable, banana plugs and spades;

Source: audiophillness.com


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Acoustica AT
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