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Sony CDP-X77ES

$1,400.00 $1,400.00

Sony CDP-X77ES for sale

Disc format: CD

Frequency response: 2Hz to 20kHz

Dynamic range: 100dB

Signal to Noise Ratio: 117dB

Channel separation: 110dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.0015%

Line output: 2V

Digital connections: coaxial, optical

Dimensions: 470 x 125 x 375mm

Weight: 17kg

Accessories: infra red remote control

Year: 1990

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Categories: CD Players

ES series CD player with high density linear converter system.

The newly developed high-density linear converter system is used for the D/A converter, and the newly developed CXD 2552 is used for the D/A converter.
The CXD 2552 does not consist of multiple current sources and corresponding electronic switches used in the conventional multi-bit system. Instead, one current source is turned on / off by one electronic switch. By increasing the operating speed of the electronic switch, the number of pulses is speed of the electronic switch, and the sound is produced by the compressional waves of pulses.
In the pulse D/A converter, the waveform becomes smoother and the performance improves as the number of pulses increases. The number of pulses is determined by the master clock of the pulse D/A converter. In the CXD-2552, the maximum operating frequency of the master clock is 50 MHz (50 million pulses per second). The digital operation circuit that determines the appearance of the high and low pulses uses the Sony Extended Noise Shaping digital operation method developed by Sony to realize a high-density pulse train.
The CDP-X77ES uses two pulse D/A converters CXD-2552 in parallel to double the current value to improve the S / N ratio. 0

The High Density Linear Converter System has two stages of D/A conversion : oversampling and Sony Extended Noise Shaping.
The oversampling operation includes a 45-bit noise-shaping digital filter, CXD 1244, which provides full noise shaping across all stages and a sufficiently large operation range for more accurate D/A conversion.

A direct digital sink is incorporated to eliminate jitter that is a problem with digital signals.
The direct digital sink eliminates jitter by adjusting the digital signal to the accuracy of the master clock to prevent signal phase disturbance. This circuit is also built on the chip of the pulse D/A converter. Jitter is removed immediately before the electronic switch, which is the final stage of the pulse D/A converter, so that the element of jitter generation is eliminated in principle.

The digital circuit is equipped with CXD 2500, which is the fourth generation LSI.
In the CXD 2500, the RAM capacity has been increased to 32 kbit and integrated into a single chip. This enables digital data exchange inside the LSI, greatly reducing unnecessary radiation noise, reducing interference with audio circuits, and improving error correction capability.

A newly developed optical pickup with a built-in RF amplifier is used in the pickup section, and low noise and high stability are realized by enabling low impedance signal output.

The servo circuit is equipped with S Servo III.
In the S Servo II, the noise component of the servo current is removed with a low-pass filter to provide a smooth servo current, which stabilizes the power supply from the power supply and reduces the influence on the audio circuit.

FB chassis is used for the chassis part.
The FB chassis uses a metal material with sufficient thickness and strength for the chassis material, and the whole chassis is firmly joined by the frame surrounding the outer circumference and the front and rear beams passing through the front and rear, thus reducing adverse effects on the circuit due to internal and external vibrations.
In addition, the interior of the chassis is plated with copper, and a high-rigidity aluminum top plate is used for the top plate, making it completely nonmagnetic.

An aluminum die-cast base unit is adopted for the mechanism part.
Generation of unnecessary vibration is reduced by aluminum die casting with low resonance mode and high strength and machining accuracy. In addition, external vibration is completely eliminated by adopting floating structure with double suspension containing high viscoelasticity gel.

In order to eliminate the influence of sound pressure from the speakers, a damper made of a special rubber material is installed in the opening of the front panel where the disk tray is stored. By improving the airtightness of the tray, the influence of air vibration entering from the front surface is eliminated.
The G-tray is made of the same material as the G-base unit used in the CDP-X55ES and other products. The material is reinforced with glass fiber by adding calcium carbonate, which has the same composition as marble, to a special resin to prevent unnecessary external vibrations from being applied to the disc.

The internal construction is designed to eliminate vibration and noise, and the effect of noise generated from the FL display is considered to be not small. Therefore, it is placed on the lower part of the mechanical deck away from the circuit board, and the mechanical deck itself is placed closer to the center away from the leg part to avoid vibration from the floor.
In addition, the CDP-X77ES uses a fine ceramic insulator composed of a separate sheet structure of a digital board and an audio board separated into upper and lower parts by sandwiching a shield plate, and a combination of non-repulsive rubber.

The power supply section is equipped with two transformers. The digital servo section and audio section are fed independently to eliminate interference from the power supply. In addition, rubber dampers are used in four floating locations to prevent the vibration of the transformer from being transmitted to the audio circuit section.
In addition, the CDP-X77ES uses a heavy-weight transformer with a shield case for the transformer, and the entire transformer core is filled with a hardened filler made of a mixture of polybutadiene-resin and silica sand. This makes one eye of the transformer core, reducing the noise of minute transformers.

The audio circuit is a twin-mono configuration that follows the signal flow, eliminating phase shift and mutual interference between channels.
In addition, the CDP-X77ES uses a high-strength glass-epoxy ES substrate with excellent temperature and humidity characteristics to prevent deterioration of sound quality due to vibration in the substrate and electrostatic floating capacity.

Equipped with a custom edit function, two functions, program edit and manual fader, can be controlled from the remote control.

With the Program Edit function, you can program your favorite songs in any order while checking the accumulated time using the direct keys or AMS keys. When you press the pause button, the A side is completed, and then the B side is completed at once.

With the manual faders, you can fade in / out at the desired location.

Equipped with custom file function, 3 functions of custom index, program bank and file recall can be operated from the remote control.

With the custom index function, you can set your own index at any point in a song without having to record an index on the disc.
Up to 10 points can be set per disc, with a rehearse function that allows fine adjustment in steps of approximately ± 0.15 seconds.

The Program Bank function allows you to record programs set by the Program Performance function as they are.

The File Recall function allows you to check the files you have inserted without having to insert the disc, and to delete the files on the spot.

It is equipped with a delete shuffle function corresponding to 99 songs that you can leave only your favorite songs and play them randomly.

Equipped with index search, it can be operated from a remote control.

It is equipped with two line outputs, fixed and variable, and a gold-plated pin-jack terminal. It is also equipped with a headphone terminal with a volume linked to the line out. The volume is designed so that the LED flashes when the remote control is operated.

Two digital output systems are mounted : optical and coaxial.
The coaxial digital output is a latched coaxial digital output with a latch for time axis correction.

Equipped with XLR-type balanced output jacks.

The CDP-X77ES was available in two colors, black and gold.
It also comes with a wireless remote control for each.

Source: audio-database.com


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