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Canton Vento 100 (New)

$4,049.00 $4,049.00

Acoustic principle:
3-way bass reflex

Principle passive resonator:
bass reflex

Radiation direction resonator:

Tweeter quantity:

Tweeter size:
25 mm

Tweeter material:

Midrange driver quantity:

Midrange driver size:
174 mm

Midrange driver material:

Woofer Quantity:

woofer size:
220 mm

woofer material:

Nominal load capacity:
280 watts

Music load capacity:
500 watts

Transmission range:
20…40.000 Hz

39,2 kg

Packing dimensions:
124 x 52,5 x 38,5 cm

Packing weight:
44 kg

In stock
Categories: Speakers
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The Canton Vento 100 is part of the Vento series by Canton, a reputable German audio equipment manufacturer known for producing high-quality speakers that combine innovative technology with elegant design. While specific model details can vary, the Vento series is generally characterized by its premium build and exceptional sound quality. Here's an overview based on what's typically expected from the Vento series and what might apply to the Vento 100:

1. **Design**: The Vento series speakers are recognized for their sleek and modern design, often featuring clean lines and a luxurious finish. The cabinets are usually constructed with high-quality materials and are available in various finishes to suit different interior decors.

2. **Driver Technology**: Canton's Vento series speakers typically incorporate advanced driver technologies. They might include aluminum or titanium tweeters for crisp, clear high frequencies and patented Canton wave surround technology for precise midrange reproduction. The bass drivers often feature stiff yet lightweight cones for accurate and dynamic bass response.

3. **Cabinet Construction**: The Vento series is known for its well-engineered cabinets that contribute to the overall sound quality. This includes the use of high-density materials to reduce resonance and advanced design techniques to ensure optimal sound dispersion and imaging.

4. **Sound Quality**: The Vento 100, like other speakers in the series, is likely to offer a balanced and detailed sound profile, with clear highs, articulate mids, and robust bass. The Vento series is designed for both music and home cinema enthusiasts, providing an immersive listening experience.

5. **Bass Reflex Design**: Many Vento series speakers feature a bass reflex design with down-firing ports, which helps in extending the low-frequency response and improves the overall efficiency of the speaker.

6. **Bi-Wiring/Bi-Amping Capabilities**: The higher-end models in the Vento series often support bi-wiring or bi-amping, allowing users to separately amplify the bass and treble drivers for improved sound clarity and performance.

7. **Placement Flexibility**: Despite their high-end performance, Vento speakers are designed to be versatile in terms of placement, providing consistent sound quality in various room sizes and configurations.

8. **Market Positioning**: The Vento series is positioned towards the higher end of the market, appealing to audiophiles and those who appreciate both the acoustic performance and the aesthetic appeal of their audio equipment.

Canton's Vento series has received accolades and positive reviews from the audio community for its sound quality, build, and design.

Please note that specific features such as driver size, power handling, frequency response, and dimensions can vary significantly between models within the Vento series.


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