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Musical fidelity M8xTT

$7,750.00 $7,750.00

Technical Specifications M8xTT

  • Speed: 33, 45 (electronic speed change)
  • Drive principle: belt drive with electronic speed control
  • Platter: sandwich aluminium platter with aluminium inserts (10 kg), both floors with TPE damping
  • Platter bearing: Inverted bearing with ceramic ball tip
  • Tonearm: 10‘‘ Musical Fidelity tonearm
  • Effective tonearm mass/length: 17g/254 mm
  • Overhang: 16 mm
  • Wow & flutter: 33rpm: +-0.05%, 45rpm +-0.04%
  • Speed drift: 33rpm: +-0.11%, 45rpm: +-0.10%
  • Signal to noise: -78 dB
  • Dimensions: 533 x 245 x 413 mm
  • Weight: 31,5 kg


  • Mass loaded belt drive design with electronic speed change 33/45
  • Heavyweight aluminium sandwich platter
  • Heavy multi-alloy record puck included
  • Height adjustable magnetic feet
  • New 10“ Musical Fidelity tonearm
  • Non-resonant acrylic plinth with effective decoupling
  • RCA and balanced XLR outputs
  • Heavy aluminium record puck included
  • Leather mat included
  • Handmade in Europe
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Categories: TurnTables
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The Musical Fidelity M8xTT turntable is a high-end audio component from Musical Fidelity, a brand renowned for its quality audiophile equipment. While specific details about the M8xTT can vary, typical characteristics of Musical Fidelity turntables and high-end audio gear might include:

1. **Build Quality**: Musical Fidelity products are known for their solid construction and use of high-quality materials. The M8xTT is likely to feature a robust chassis designed to minimize vibrations and resonance, ensuring stable playback.

2. **Platter**: A high-end turntable like the M8xTT would typically have a heavy, precision-engineered platter to maintain consistent speed and reduce flutter and wow. The platter might be made from a dense material like acrylic, glass, or metal and could be coupled with a damping mat to further reduce resonance.

3. **Tonearm**: The M8xTT is expected to come with a high-quality tonearm, designed for accurate tracking and minimal distortion. It could feature adjustable counterweight and anti-skating settings to accommodate a range of cartridges.

4. **Cartridge Compatibility**: While it may or may not come with a pre-installed cartridge, the M8xTT would be compatible with a wide range of high-quality cartridges, allowing users to choose or upgrade according to their preferences.

5. **Drive System**: Musical Fidelity turntables often feature a precision drive system, which could be belt-driven or direct-driven in design. The M8xTT would likely use a system that prioritizes speed stability and low noise to ensure the purest audio reproduction.

6. **Isolation and Feet**: To prevent unwanted vibrations from affecting playback, the M8xTT would incorporate effective isolation strategies, including specially designed feet or a suspension system.

7. **Connectivity**: High-end turntables like the M8xTT often provide a variety of output options, including both phono and line-level outputs (the latter incorporating a built-in phono preamp). This allows for direct connection to a wider range of audio systems.

8. **Aesthetics**: As with other Musical Fidelity components, aesthetics are likely to be a consideration, with a design that balances functionality with visual appeal. This could include a sleek, minimalist look with high-quality finishes.

9. **Manual Operation**: To maintain the highest fidelity and control, the M8xTT might favor manual operation over automatic features, which is typical for turntables targeting the audiophile market.

For the most accurate and detailed information, including specific features, technical specifications, and pricing, it's best to consult official Musical Fidelity sources or authorized dealers. High-end audio equipment like the M8xTT is often best experienced firsthand, with a demonstration or consultation with an audio expert to fully appreciate its quality and capabilities.


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