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Rotel Michi M8 (Mono) - New

$6,549.00 $6,549.00

Brand:  ROTEL
Model:  M8
Series:  Michi
Type:  Mono power amplifier
Color:  Black
Continuous output power:  1x 1080 W an 8 Ohm
Power consumption during operation:  1200 W
Power consumption standby:  2 W with Wake on Network activated, < 0.5 W
Frequency response:  20 Hz - 20 kHz (+ 0 dB, - 0,15 dB) , 10 Hz - 100 kHz (+ 0 dB, - 0,5 dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):  < 0,018 %
Damping factor:  200
Reinforcement:  34 dB (XLR - 30 dB)
Input impedance:  Cinch - 12,5 kOhm, XLR - 100 kOhm
Sensitivity:  1,85 V (XLR - 3 V)
Intermodulation distortion:  < 0,03%
Height:  238 mm
Width:  485 mm
Depth:  465 mm
Net weight:  59,1 kg

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Categories: Amplifiers
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The Rotel Michi M8 is a high-end monoblock power amplifier from Rotel's Michi series, which represents the pinnacle of the brand's commitment to building audio equipment with uncompromised quality and performance. The Michi series is designed to deliver an exceptional audio experience, combining Rotel's longstanding audio engineering expertise with modern technological advancements. Here are some key features and aspects of the Michi M8:

1. **Power Output**: The Michi M8 is known for its substantial power output, capable of delivering massive amounts of clean, stable power to drive even the most demanding speakers. This ensures detailed, dynamic sound reproduction across a wide range of volumes.

2. **Design and Build Quality**: The Michi M8 features a robust and sophisticated design, with a focus on minimizing interference and optimizing audio signal paths. The build quality is exceptional, with premium components housed in a rigid chassis that's engineered to suppress external vibrations and internal resonance.

3. **Advanced Circuitry**: The amplifier incorporates advanced circuitry and layout designs to ensure precise signal handling and minimal distortion. This includes the use of low-noise components, high-quality capacitors, and carefully selected transistors to maintain signal purity.

4. **Connectivity**: The Michi M8 is equipped with balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs to accommodate a variety of preamplifiers and source equipment. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into high-end audio systems.

5. **Thermal Management**: Given its high power output, the Michi M8 includes sophisticated thermal management systems to maintain optimal operating temperatures, ensuring reliable performance even under demanding conditions.

6. **Custom Transformers**: The amplifier features custom-designed, oversized toroidal transformers, which are a hallmark of Rotel's commitment to quality. These transformers provide a stable, low-noise power supply to the amplifier stages, contributing to the M8's exceptional audio performance.

7. **Attention to Detail**: The Michi M8 demonstrates meticulous attention to detail, from the selection of internal components to the layout of circuit boards and the design of the external controls and connections. This level of precision is aimed at delivering the best possible audio quality.

8. **Aesthetic Appeal**: The Michi M8, like other components in the Michi series, boasts a modern and elegant design that makes it a visually striking addition to any audio setup. Its appearance matches its premium positioning in the market.

9. **Market Positioning**: The Michi M8 is targeted towards audiophiles and enthusiasts who seek the ultimate in audio performance. It is priced accordingly, reflecting its high-end status and the quality of its construction and components.

The Rotel Michi M8, with its powerful performance, advanced engineering, and luxurious design, is intended for those who demand the very best in their audio equipment, promising an unmatched listening experience that brings out the full depth and detail of the music.


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