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Sony-1000ESD mint condition


Frequency response: 10Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.004%

Input sensitivity: 5mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 84dB (MM), 91dB (line)

Output: 150mV (line), 1.5V (Pre out)

Digital inputs: coaxial, optical

Dimensions: 470 x 150 x 360mm

Weight: 8kg

Accessories: RM-P1000 remote commander

Year: 1989

In stock
SKU: 1000ESD
Categories: Amplifiers
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An AV control amplifier equipped with Dolby Pro Logic and equipped with DSP developed with Sony's digital technology.

Equipped with DSP (Digital Signal Processor).
The sound heard at concert halls and other venues consists of three types of sounds : direct sound coming from instruments and other sound sources, early reflected sound coming after bouncing off walls and ceilings several times, and main reverberation sound coming later after following a complex path. DSP is developed with the concept of creating sound fields at concert halls and other venues by controlling the magnitude, direction, length, and interval of early reflected sound and main reverberation sound.
The TA-E1000ESD is equipped with two types of dedicated LSIs developed by Sony for the DSP : the CXD1355Q and the CXD1160. The CXD1355Q provides the DSP with the control of the DSP and also includes an 8 fs digital filter. The CXD1160 provides the DSP with the control of the DSP and the equalization.
With Reverblation Control, you can create both early reflections and main reverberation, and you can control the timing and level of early reflections, the timing and decay time of main reverberation, etc. to create a variety of atmosphere in a performance venue.
In the Sony DSP, the reverberation control is done in stereo, and the spread of the reverberation component to right and left can be expressed.
Dynamics Controls highlight low-level sounds and compress the overall dynamic range, making the subtle nuances of Pianissimo easier to hear.
For equalization, such as tone control, a digital signal processor (DSP) can be used to create a variety of variation curves, and in principle there is no difference in the curves between channels that occurs in analog circuits.

In the TA-E1000ESD, various sound fields are created by using and combining reverberation, dynamics control, and equalization.
In addition to the front 2-channel reverb control, the rear 2-channel is also generated by digital signal processing. Dynamics This roll can be adjusted in nine levels of compression (compressor) and expansion (expander).
Equalization is a 3-band parametric イコリ adder that can be increased or decreased in 0.1 dB steps up to ± 12 dB (1 dB on the bar graph) for each band. Also, Q (slope) can be selected from 4 types, and the center frequency can be set in approximately 90 ways in 1/9 octave (31 division on the bar graph).

A total of 10 types are preset : 9 types of surround sound selected from the sound patterns produced by DSP and Dolby Prologic surround sound.
The preset surround modes are Hall 1, Hall 2, Opera, Church, Jazz Club, Disco, Stadium, Live Concert, Theater, and Dolby Surround.

You can create a more desirable sound field based on preset surround sound.
First, there are three main parameters : room size, which controls the size of the venue ; walls, which control the frequency characteristics of the sound reflected by the wall material ; and seat position, which is also effective for correcting the AV viewing environment.
In addition, you can adjust the following subparameters : initial reflection and reverberation level, initial reflection time, initial reflection level, reverberation time, reverberation density, and spreading effect level.
In addition to the parameters of the reverbration control system described above, you can also adjust the dynamics to adjust the volume and source of the sound, adjust the sound characteristics of the listening room, and adjust the equalization to create the desired sound field.
You can store up to 10 types of sound fields.

The TA-E1000ESD supports Dolby Pro-Logic Surround. The TA-E1000ESD supports digital signal processing with DSP for delay and noise reduction. The delay time adjustment during playback can be controlled within a range of 15 ms to 30 ms in 0.1 ms steps by L/R independently.
Dolby Pro-Logic Surround basically uses five speakers with a center speaker. However, it is equipped with a phantom mode that can be played with only four front / rear speakers, a normal mode that assumes the use of a small center speaker, a wide mode that can be set close to the Dolby system of a movie theater, and a 3-channel logic mode that provides surround effects with three speakers at the front left / right and center.

The A/D converter employs the High Density Linear Converter System, which performs sampling approximately every 1 / 3000000th of a second and replaces each with 0 and 1 signs, thereby reducing the load on the analog filter and achieving good phase characteristics.
The D/A converter is equipped with an 8 x oversampling 18-bit linear type for the front and a 4 x oversampling 16-bit linear dual type for the rear.

The input jacks are equipped with seven visual systems, an audio system Line 5, and a digital input Route 3.
The line outputs are equipped with two lines for the front and outputs for the surround related rear, center and subwoofer.

You can enter up to 9 alphanumeric characters and symbols to display the device name on the display.
In addition to the dimmer that changes the brightness according to the brightness of the room, the display itself can be partially turned off.

It comes with a wireless remote controller that can perform most operations such as function switching.
This remote control is programmable so that remote control signals from other manufacturers other than Sony can be memorized for all keys so that the remote control can be used to operate connected devices.

Source: audio-database.com


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