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Technics 1200 LTD-Gold - MINT

$5,150.00 $5,150.00
  • Manufacturer: Technics
  • Modell: SL-1200 LTD
  • Type: Turntable
  • Years of construction: 1995 - 1997
  • Made in: Japan
  • Color: Black (shiny with fine gold speckles)
  • Power consumption: 13.5W
  • Dimensions: 453 x 172 x 355 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 12.5kg
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Categories: TurnTables
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The Technics SL-1200LTD Gold is a highly sought-after edition of the iconic SL-1200 series turntables by Technics, a brand synonymous with quality DJ and audiophile-grade turntables. This particular model was released as a limited edition, featuring a stunning gold finish that set it apart from the more traditional silver and black versions of the SL-1200 turntables. Here are some key features and details about the SL-1200LTD Gold:

1. **Limited Edition**: The SL-1200LTD Gold was released in a limited quantity, making it a collector's item among DJs and audiophiles. Its exclusivity adds to its appeal and value.

2. **Gold Plating**: The most distinctive feature of the SL-1200LTD is its gold-plated finish. This includes the platter, tonearm, and various other components, giving it a luxurious and unique appearance.

3. **Build Quality**: Like all Technics SL-1200 turntables, the LTD Gold version is known for its robust build and durability, designed to withstand the rigors of DJ use as well as to meet the high fidelity playback standards of audiophiles.

4. **Direct Drive Motor**: The SL-1200 series is renowned for its direct drive motor system, which offers stable rotation and a high torque, ensuring quick start-ups and consistent speed, crucial for both DJing and high-quality audio playback.

5. **Precision Engineering**: The Technics SL-1200LTD Gold maintains the series' reputation for precision engineering, with a high-quality aluminum die-cast platter, a precision-molded cabinet, and a highly durable tonearm, ensuring accurate tracking and minimal resonance.

6. **Pitch Control**: It features a variable pitch control with a quartz-locked pitch adjustment, allowing DJs to mix tracks seamlessly and audiophiles to adjust the playback speed with precision.

7. **Magnetic Anti-Skating**: The turntable includes a magnetic anti-skating mechanism, which counteracts the forces that pull the tonearm towards the center of the record, improving tracking performance and preventing record wear.

8. **Accessories**: The SL-1200LTD typically comes with a Technics slipmat, a 45 RPM adapter, and a limited edition certificate, among other accessories that highlight its special status.

9. **Market Positioning**: While originally popularized by DJs for its performance and durability, the SL-1200 series, including the LTD Gold version, is also highly regarded by audiophiles for its sound quality and has become a coveted item for both use and collection.

Given its limited edition status, the SL-1200LTD Gold is often more expensive and harder to find than the standard models, especially in good condition. Its blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal makes it a cherished piece for enthusiasts and collectors alike.


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